My Pretty Garden

Septembers blog

It has been another exciting month here at MPG.  Once again, we have added a lot of lines to our range but the ones that stand out the most for us are these gorgeous solar powered LED bee and ladybird lights.  They really do brighten up any garden.

In the garden, the lessons we have learnt this month are, don’t overcrowd your veg.  There are planting guidelines on the packaging for a reason!  I bet you can guess which carrots came out of the overcrowded pot.  The other lesson is we really don’t need that many tomato plants.  We have made pasta sauces, tomato puree, salsa and still have a freezer full of them!

Our website has been up and running for just over a month now and is still a work in progress.  We love finding new lines to add to our product range but would really like some suggestions from our customers.  If there is anything you would like to see us add to our range, drop us an email at

Well that’s about it for our September blog.  Looking forward to the next month where we will start adding out Christmas lines…. Is it too soon to say the ‘C’ word??

Have a great month


Iona and the MPG Team x