What are we planting in our Raised Beds In April?

Here at MPG gardens, we love a raised bed.  Not only are they great for the ‘no dig’ gardening style we are a fan of but, it also means we don’t have to bend down too far (and at our age that’s always a plus!)

At the moment our windowsill is full of seedlings waiting to be hardened off before being transplanted outside.  We are fairly new to GYO veg and have no patience but, hardening off is so important for your seedling as it lessens the shock of outdoor conditions when they are ready to go into their final place outside and you will end up with stronger and healthier plants.  I am not sure when we will get them out this year as we are mid-April and today we have had SNOW!

So, what are we planting this month?  The red onions we planted out a couple of weeks ago are just peeping through the soil now and are looking great.  Unfortunately, the garlic we put out at the same time is looking a little raggedy, fingers crossed it will pick up.

We will be planting out our cabbages, carrots, leeks, parsnips and potatoes in the next couple of weeks once we have hardened them off and the weather allows!

Oh, and before I forget, its a great idea to include some complementary plants to encourage bees and other wildlife into your garden and deter any pests.  Our favourite is planting basil with our tomatoes – the smell is just heavenly!


That’s it from us for now.  Its going to be a busy month in the garden.


Iona and the MPG team x