My Pretty Garden

Welcome to our first My Pretty Garden blog

It has been an exciting month here at MPG. We have had a lot of new stock in and it’s so hard to choose which ones to   include in this blog as they are all so lovely but, the seed balls and seedboms really stand out. They are so easy to use and will fill up any space with some gorgeous colours. 

It’s been a busy month at MPG Gardens too. All the  tomatoes are starting to ripen (what I think I am going to do with this many tomatoes I will never know!).  Also, first time growing courgettes. Why did no one tell me how many these things produce?  We have had courgette fritters for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Mr MPG is refusing to eat anymore. 

Our website is finally up and running. It feels like ages since we started this journey but it looks fantastic and the support we have received from people taking a look and buying stuff has been overwhelming!  A big thank you to every single one of you.

We will be updating this blog each month with a product and a bit about whats happening in MPG gardens.  We are hoping to include product reviews so email us and we will include some in our August blog.

Have a great August

Iona and the MPG Team x